Festival of #NewMR

Lenny Murphy, Ray Poynter 2014 in Review, 2015 in anticipation – Panel Discussion with Lenny Murphy, Ray Poynter, & Guests
Phil Sandy Applying innovation research to non-profits
Tom De Ruyck Outside-in Thinking to Survive Massive Change
Gerard Loosschilder Turning online retail into a happy place
Sue York 2014 – NewMR Trends
Lori Reiser Mobile Surveys By Design: How the words we choose have more impact than the technology we employ
John Kearon Kicking Up a Commotion: How Emotion Always Wins in Communication
Jeffrey Henning Embrace, Extend, Extinguish NPS: Driving Revenue with Better Loyalty Measures
Finn Raben, Dan Foreman Panel discussion with Dan Foreman, Finn Raben, & Ray Poynter discussing the trends impacting market research and thoughts about the future
Jonathan Tice Closing the Loop: Methods for Securing Valuable Customer Feedback
Neil Gains Finding the Right Emotions: A picture paints a thousand words
Navin Williams All About Mobile
Leslie Townsend Keeping Pace with the Mobile World: Some Realities, Some Predictions
Betty Adamou Online Surveys & Digital Games: How alike we really are, and how we can harness a gamer-style of engagement for better data quality
Helen Bakewell, Erica Van Lieven The Future of Retail
Suzanne Burdon, Sue Bell Everything we know about face to face groups
Annie Pettit Behind Your Back: What research participants really think about researchers